I was lucky to have an opportunity to spend ten days sailing around the Broughton Archipelago. The photo’s below tell the story of the ever changing area. What was once a thriving area, home to First Nations and European settlers alike is now very sparsely populated, and nature is taking back the previously inhabited islands.


The last few pieces of the Long House on Village Island as of August 2010. There is an excellent book written by a non-First Nations nurse who worked on the island in 1930 called Totem Poles and Tea which lets you envision what life must have been like on the island. It’s worth a read.


Once upon a time this dock on Village Island was used by many to come and go from the island. It now sits quietly slowing being unconstructed by mother nature.


At Echo Bay, you will find Bill Proctors Museum, (which is just across from this beautiful wood shed) Mr. Proctor has lived in the Broughton all of his life and has collected an enormous amount of things others have lost or left behind. The museum entrance fee is by donation, and a peak at his mementos is worth more than any museum I’ve visited.

Broughton Archipelago Bill Proctor Shed


Sailing In the Broughton, you come across truly magnificent views

Broughton Archipelago Greenaway Sound


Everywhere you travel in the Broughton Archipelago you will notice Mount Stephens following you around, unless you have the misfortune of being socked in by cloud.

Broughton Archipelago Mount Stevens


These are the remains of an old logging operation on the mainland. Trees would be cut and tugboats would float them down the lake to this pontoon. Behind the photographer is timeworn logging system that would pull the timber up a steep hill then down the other side of it to a mill 2km away to be processed.

Broughton Archipelago Campbell Lake


The morning fog is burning off, a summers day in Simoom Sound.

Broughton Archipelago Simoom Sound


One of the few small marinas in the Broughton Archipelago, Greenway Sound. This marina was perfect to moor at for a few days, and the water in this cove produced crystal clear reflections you could stare at for hours.

Broughton Archipelago Greenaway Sound Morning


Sailing through Salmon Channel can be a cold, wet and daunting undertaking indeed.

Broughton Archipelago Sailing in Salmon Channel


This curious looking machine dump which is even holding a plane sits inaccessible and rotting just off the coast of Cormorant Island and the community of Alert Bay.

Broughton Archipelago Alert Bay Dock

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