What is a Tea House?

A Teahouse is defined as a combination of guest house, restaurant, and a social hang out. The Tea House is also the family home and usually the families sole income comes from trekkers passing though and stopping for tea (usually black tea with lots of sugar), or staying the night. Most of the time trekkers will stay in a different part of the building then the family. In Nepal expect the walls of your room to be constructed from a few pieces of plywood. There is enough privacy and security (locks for room doors) but if the person in the room next to you snores you are going to hear it. Some Tea Houses are solid and made from rocks and filler, these are a bit nicer, but most of the time still have the plywood walls.

What is Tea House Trekking?

The first thing that came to my mind when I heard about Tea House trekking was a Continue reading

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